Let Your Light Shine

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Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at two churches in the Decatur area. The second church was a small country church. Nothing against the newer churches, but the older churches have so much character. If only the walls could talk.

As the service began I waited for the acolyte (altar boy) to come in and light the candles on the altar. The altar boy turned out to be an elderly man. As he walked down the aisle you could see his flame was about to go out. As he passed the second to the last pew the flame went out, but if you looked close you could see the wick was still glowing.

Without missing a beat or saying a word the man turned around, went to the back of the church and lit his ‘candle lighter’ and continued back down the aisle to successfully light the altar candles.

Jesus, the true light, tells us to let our light shine for everyone to see. Sometimes, we may run into the same problem as the acolyte, our light may go dim. Maybe we have not prayed or read the Bible enough. Maybe we are fighting sin or an illness. Maybe it’s this world and the struggles that go along with it.

If you feel your light is a little dim just keep the faith because it won’t be long until The Spirit rekindles the fire allowing you to once again, let your light shine brightly for all to see.