Happy Valentines Day

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With Valentine’s Day approaching my oldest son Jon decided he would like to make dinner for his girlfriend. He thought it would be nice, with the help of his mother, to make spaghetti. My wife, Julie, is Italian and makes the best spaghetti and meatballs (no offense mom).

Tonight (Thursday the 12th) schedules would allow Jon and Julie the time to make meatballs together. Three thoughts went through my mind when I received the news. First, I was happy they did not wait until Friday the 13th. Second, I was glad I was working that night and would be out of the house. The third thought was, it would make a great youtube video.

It seems like cooking has become a lost art form. Those who eat out all the time are really missing something special. In this instance, the bonding (good or bad) that would occur while Jon and Julie were cooking cannot be replaced and home cooking is so much better.

For some, the Bible has gone the way of cooking. The Bible is Spiritual food that nourishes the soul.

Growing up it seemed like cooking and church went hand in hand. All my friends would go to church and when it was over they would eat a homemade Sunday dinner as a family.

The Sunday dinners when I was younger created some wonderful memories. As I think of Julie and Jon making spaghetti, I recall the time my sister through a plate of spaghetti at my brother. Ah the good old days.

Jon’s Valentine dinner turned out perfect. It was another great bonding moment for mother and son. Priceless!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine Day. Know, I hold all of you in my heart and so does God.