Light in the Darkness

Full of stale liquor and despair, a young man decided the only sensible thing to do was to drown himself. Driving to the nearby coast, he began to swim into the ocean until he grew exhausted. Looking back, he saw the distant coastal lights. For no reason clear to him at the time, he started…

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Fake News

I long for the good old days when the Tabloids were only found in the National Enquirer and Star Magazine.  Today It seems like we are being bombarded with fake news. I decided a background check would give me a better idea if any of those spreading the news, were “walking in the way.” If…

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No Problem

Last Sunday was the first time our church had service in the sanctuary since the pandemic. I had some issues with the guidelines for going back and thought there would be problems, I was wrong. There was no problem. Problem-Forced to wear a mask. No problem because God reminded me I had attended services in…

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Nothing New

In 1968 there was a Pandemic, racial strife, riots, and wars. Sound familiar? Billy Graham correctly predicted a spiritual revival. The Jesus movement began, new churches were born, and many were saved. God has a plan. This is nothing new.  “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;    there is…

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Last year when I spoke at a local detention centers one of the young men told me the worst part of being incarcerated was his loss of freedom. I replied, “You were never free in the first place because you were a slave to sin.” The only way to be free is to, “confess with…

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