Still Thanking God

As I mentioned in my blog last week one of the best ways out of the flesh and into the spirit is by thanking God. If you don’t believe me then believe the Apostle Paul “Do not be anxious (anxiety can become a sin of the flesh) about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and…

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Thank God

Monday morning I woke up out of sorts. For some reason during the night I drifted out of the Spirit and into the flesh. I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was because on Sunday the check engine light came in my car. A check engine light is never a good thing and I was…

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Fear God

Halloween is this Thursday, so we will be hearing a lot about trick or treat and ghosts and goblins. Growing up I had a fear of vampires, I would have been better off if I feared God. The Old Testament mentioned several times how we are called to fear God.  For years I have struggled…

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So Much

A couple of years ago I met Lou while I was leading a Bible Study at the local Nursing Home. Lou is a resident that I always need go to his room and get before class begins. Lou has memory issues and tends to forget about the study or takes a nap and doesn’t wake…

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Agape Love

While in Oklahoma Federal Prison I became friends with Shorty. Shorty was far from accepting Christ when we started, but as we got to know each other a little better I could see him drawing closer. I was getting ready to go to the Thursday night Chapel service when I asked Shorty if he wanted…

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