My Way

Frank Sinatra sang a song called “My Way.” I can relate to that song because for most of my life I did it “My Way.” Regrets, I have a few (more than a few), but the biggest regret I have is that I didn’t do it God’s Way sooner. I try not to look back…

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Pastor Bill Hybels wrote a book called, “Too busy not to pray.” This Easter take a moment to press pause and spend some quiet time in prayer. On Thursday evenings beginning April 12th I hope you press pause again and spend 30 minutes with God. I will be leading a contemporary, non-denominational Christ centered service….

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Able to Sit Up

When asked how my dad was doing, one of his favorite replies was, “Able to sit up and take nourishment.” I used my dad’s reply the other day which led me to spend most of the night thinking about him. My dad was a good Christian man strong in his faith. In the words of…

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Jailhouse Religion

The other day on a sports talk show were questioning the authenticity of an athlete that had found God while he was in prison. They referred to the athlete being born again as having Jailhouse Religion. Some may question the sincerity of those who find their faith while incarcerated. They question if it is real…

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Last Tuesday evening I was heading home after work when freezing rain started. To make matters worse my defroster wasn’t working. With nowhere to pull over and park I just kept driving and praying. Almost immediately, ice would blanket the windshield forcing me to stop and scrape. I prayed, put my flashers on and would…

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