A Blast From The Past

Earlier this week, I was having a spiritually difficult morning that is, until my phone rang. It was a Texas number, so I thought it was a solicitor but decided to answer it anyway. The voice on the other end was one of my favorite teachers: Mrs. G. Not only was she my kindergarten teacher,…

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How to Get Into Heaven

When asked if he knew where he was going when he died, a young man told me he was going to Heaven. When asked why, his reply was like many others, “Because I am a good person.” Good does not open the gates of Heaven the good shepherd does. The good shepherd of course is…

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Just What I Needed

I have been blessed to substitute preach many times this summer. But as summer ends the opportunities to speak become few and far between. Without any speaking engagements and my book not flying off the shelf the devil has taken the opportunity to make me question if I had any ministry at all. As doubt…

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Looking Up

The solar eclipse was earlier this week so many people spent part of the afternoon looking up at the sun. It was overcast so it became questionable whether people would be able to see the eclipse at all. Maybe that was God’s way of showing us that He is still in control. I stepped outside,…

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In my home church, all are welcomed. Sunday mornings the hospitality room is open and there have been times when the lost could be found, being fed by members of our congregation. Last Sunday, two lost young men found their way to the hospitality room. When asked if they would like to attend the service,…

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