He Has

The circles I run in very rarely does a day go by without someone saying, “God bless you”. A couple of weeks ago I was at work when a young man at the other end of the building yelled, “God bless you John!” My Spirit led response was, “He has” to which the young man…

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Love You Too

Whenever I leave for work I always try to say, “love you” to anyone who is still home.Their typical reply is, “Love you too.” I am blessed with a family that has shown me a glimpse of the love God has for His children. God’s loves us with “agape love.” Agape love is a love…

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Going to College

It was rumored when people in the mafia would go to prison they would refer to it as “going to college.” Looking back, I consider my time in prison as a retreat because I used it to draw closer to God. I don’t think of those days much anymore. I have decided to follow the…

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Organ Transplant

Recently one of my friends had an organ transplant. Several weeks ago, while I was praying I began thinking of the donor. Because of the donor, my friend would have new life, but the donor would need to lose theirs. So, I began praying for the donor and that their name was written in the…

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When The Time Is Right

I need to work on trusting God’s timing. God created Heaven and earth in six days and rested on the seventh. Wouldn’t it be nice if He answered our prayers that fast? I believe in God’s perfect timing but sometimes I wish He would be a little quicker. For years I prayed for a chance…

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