Under the Influence

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Before Thanksgiving I thought it would neat to offer communion at the assisted living community where I lead Bible study. The elements are blessed by our Pastor and then members of the church are able to take communion to shut-ins. It was such a great privilege to be able to do this.

Before leaving the church with the communion elements I was told to make sure to keep the juice in a cool place. If it was not kept cool it could turn to wine. We all kind of chuckled as we thought what may happen if this occurred. Reading this, you may grin as you think of the possibilities.

At the close of the Bible study, with the help of my sons and their girlfriends, we served communion to the attendees. God was certainly in this place. After communion one of the members of our church led us in Hymns. I have commented before, but it continues to amaze me how people who have memory issues are able to recall the words to all five verses of Amazing Grace.

Age can take its toll on the flesh but cannot take the Spirit. In his final years, the writer of “Amazing Grace,” John Newton, suffered from dementia and lamented the loss of his memory. Yet he confided, “I am a great sinner, and Jesus is a great Savior.” That’s the only thing we all need to know.

As I watched everyone leave the service all of the residents appeared to be walking or wheeling in a straight line. The only influence they appeared to be under was that of the Holy Spirit.