Joined at the Hip

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When we were younger many of us had a best friend we did everything with. For me it was Jimmy Hoffman. We did everything together. Jimmy and I were inseparable; people would say we were joined at the hip.

The disciples had the opportunity to be joined at the hip of Jesus. When Jesus went to be with His Father He told them He would not leave them alone. Jesus gave the disciples (and those of us who follow Him) the Holy Spirit. The Bible refers to the Holy Spirit as The Comforter, Counselor, Guide, our Intercessor, The Spirit of Truth and Life and Author of Scripture just to name a few.

Jimmy Hoffman was an awful good friend but even he didn’t have these qualities. As with many childhood friendships mine and Jimmy’s have grown apart. The Holy Spirit has taken his place but instead of being joined at the hip we are joined at the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day