The First Haircut

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After 40 months of working on my story it finally came together and was going to be offered to the members of our congregation. I was also going to have the honor of giving the message during the Sunday services. As one can imagine I had a flood of emotions leading up to it. I reluctantly decided to treat myself to a haircut. I hated to spend the money but my wife Julie, who had been cutting my hair since my release, was so busy with work I hated to bother her. I was in desperate need to have what little hair I had left trimmed, but as I said before I hated the thought of spending $13.00.

As I sat waiting for a seat to open I thought how in prison one was charged on the amount of hair that was going to be cut. For someone with a full head of hair they may be charged 5 stamps. I was charged 1 stamp and the barber would tell me in an apologetic manner, “I hate to even charge you, but it makes me look bad if I don’t.”

As I continued to wait two of the customers gave me some coupons so the haircut cost me much less than expected. Leaving, I thought how I used to take even a haircut for granted. I no longer take anything for granted. Every day I try to tell someone I love them, give hugs when possible and begin and end my day with thanking God for all He has given me. May you do the same.


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