Strong in the Spirit

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Several years ago during my morning prayer I began praying for my family to be physically, spiritually and emotionally strong. One morning I realized I was praying out of order. I needed to pray for their spiritual physical and emotional strength.

I believe as Christians if we are Spiritually strong our Spirit will keep us more physically and emotionally fit; as the spirit goes so will the body and mind.

I realize because of the sin of Adam we are going to have physical and emotional break downs but if we are strong spiritually, we will be better prepared to handle them and spiritually stronger when the Lord pulls us through.

Last weekend I visited my mother. My mom is Spiritually strong. She starts every morning with her cup of coffee and her daily devotional.

It’s not that my mother has her share of illnesses or tragedies it is because she is spiritually strong through her relationship with the almighty, she has been able to get through them.

We went to visit my mom because her older sister had flown in from Oregon. She has the same diet as my mom and is also in great shape spiritually, physically and emotionally.

May we all be Spiritually strong:

When we Grow tired or weary,
The Lord will give us strength.
 He will increase our power when we are weak.
We will soar on wings like eagles;
run and not grow weary,
walk and not be faint.