Rest for the weary

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While waiting for an appointment I struck up a conversation with one of the ladies in the office. As with most conversations with a stranger the dialogue opened with a discussion on the weather. It was unseasonably cool and felt very refreshing after several hot and humid days. The lady explained to me how she volunteered for one of the animal shelters and that Saturday they were walking the dogs in a parade. She welcomed the cool weather for the walk. She continued to tell me how last year it was over 100 degrees and she had to walk an old beagle. With two blocks to go the beagle decided enough was enough and laid down in the street. She then lifted him up and carried him to the end of the parade route.

I thought isn’t that what God does? The sins of our past weigh us down to the point where we feel like we can’t go on. He gently picks us up and carries us until we have the strength to press on. Jesus gave us an open invitation when He said, “Come to me. all who are weary and a burdened and I will give you rest.”