Heat Wave

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Dozens of heat records were broken this week. Las Vegas 113, Phoenix 116, and Death Valley 130 degrees fahrenheit. This is hot but not even close to the extreme heat of the Spiritual Death Valley. An authority using data provided in Revelations guessed the temperature of Hell to be 444.6ºC.

The Bible describes Hell with words like ,weeping (Matt 8:12), wailing (Matt 13:42), gnashing of teeth (Matt 13:50), darkness (Matt 25:30), flames (Luke 16:24), burning (Isa 33:14), torments (Luke 16:23) everlasting punishment!

All this is bad but the worse thing about Hell is spending eternity knowing you had a choice.

Stay out of the heat by staying in the air conditioning. Stay out of Hell by making the right choice and accepting Jesus as the Lord of your life.