My Kind of Guy

My March 9th blog titled Still Small Voice was about a gentleman from our church who resided in the assisted living facility where I led Bible study. My sons and I had been visiting and playing pool with this man for years. I received a call Friday morning that the still small voice called him…

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Many of us have scars, either physically or emotionally. There is usually a story behind the scars. Riding my tricycle too fast in the basement resulted in a scar on my forehead. The scar on my leg is from falling on a broken bottle. The scar on my back is from my brother pushing me…

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The Joy of the Redeemed

Last Sunday evening our church hosted a five church Lenten service. Earlier in the week I received an email from our Pastor asking if I would be the Liturgist. Grateful for the opportunity, I emailed back YES followed by, “the joy of the redeemed.” I had been redeemed not only in the eyes of God…

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That Still Small Voice

Several years ago, a friend from our old neighborhood was in town for surgery and an extended stay at our local hospital. I had visited him periodically, but one Sunday I had a still small voice in my head telling me to go see him. I did not listen because I had other tasks that…

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What If?

The other day I was reading a story in my daily devotional written by a lady whose mother-in-law had Alzheimer. She hadn’t spoken for several months and the family, like many of us who have or had loved ones with this disease, wondered what was going on in her mind. One night as she was…

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