Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Once upon a time there was a man whose sin left him between a rock and a hard place. He had heard the word but did not put them into practice.

He found himself swimming in sin, drowning in it and finally hitting rock bottom.

This was not the end because the Lord was with him and quickly came to his rescue. The Lord pulled him out of the pits and planted his feet firmly on the rock.

Though the road out was rocky it was better than the one he had been on, because the one he was on could only lead to destruction.

 With the Lord as his guide the man would be go through the narrow gate and to the road that leads to life.

He would walk in the way, because the Lord’s way is the only way.

Not only would he hear the Lords words, but he put them into practice. He tried to practice what the Lord preached.

Though life would not be easy, it never is when living in a fallen world, no matter how bad things got the man would never consider himself between a rock and a hard place. Because now Jesus Christ is his rock and refuge a strong fortress to save him.