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In my home church, all are welcomed. Sunday mornings the hospitality room is open and there have been times when the lost could be found, being fed by members of our congregation. Last Sunday, two lost young men found their way to the hospitality room.
When asked if they would like to attend the service, one of the young men said he did not belong because he had spent time in jail. It was then pointed out to him that the person preaching, which was myself that morning, had spent two years in prison.
Both young men attended the service. They stayed just long enough for a seed to be planted. God will make it grow. The seed wasn’t anything I said, but the love of Christ that was shared that morning. At our church, we know that we are all sinners, who have been saved by grace. All are welcomed.
So next time you pass a stranger, take a minute and invite them into your life. Just a smile or a wave, or tell them, “God bless you.” simply because you know Christ, and for that reason, God has blessed yourself. Let them know they mean something to you and that in your world “All are Welcomed.”