Agape Love

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While in Oklahoma Federal Prison I became friends with Shorty. Shorty was far from accepting Christ when we started, but as we got to know each other a little better I could see him drawing closer.

I was getting ready to go to the Thursday night Chapel service when I asked Shorty if he wanted to join me. A dejected Shorty looked up at me and then to the floor and said, “God would never want anything to do with someone like me,” turned and walked away.”

Over the last six years whether in prison cells or church pews others have told me the same thing as Shorty, “God would never want anything to do with someone like me.”

These are lies of the enemy. The truth that sets people free is that God loves us with Agape Love.

Pastor Tony Evans described agape love in this manner, “Love that gives. No taking involved. It is completely unselfish. It seeks the highest good for another no matter what the cost.”

If you are feeling a little like Shorty let me assure you Jesus is calling. Don’t turn and walk away just run into His arms.