Throwing Stones

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At times life can seem overwhelming. When that happen just start throwing Stones.

A couple of months ago in my daily devotional I read a story about a man on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land who had the opportunity to walk along with their guide, a Bedouind nomad. The man asked the guide if he had a certain strategy for walking the desert to which there was no immediate reply.

Instead the guide stopped, picked up a stone and threw it several yards ahead of them. He began to walk again and motioned for the man to accompany him. When they reached the spot where the stone landed, he picked it up and hurled it again. He smiled and said in the desert he walks from stone to stone.

I love this analogy. Now instead of allowing my obstacles to get the best of me I just throw a stone to keep me moving in the right direction. Once I get to the stone I pick it up and throw it a little farther. Whatever steps I take I know God is with me and His help is always just a stone’s throw away.