The “Haves” and “Have Nots.”

When I was growing up, I considered the “Haves” as those who had the best presents under the tree. The “Have Nots” were those who did not. Since I came to my senses, I realize the “Haves” are not the ones with the most under the tree but those who have Jesus in their heart….

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Last Minute Gift Idea

If you are looking for a last-minute gift idea why not share the gift of the gospel and put Christ in somebody’s Christmas. The gifts under the tree are nice but they quickly lose their luster. God gift wrapped His only son and sent Him to save us from sin. The gift in the manger…

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Preparing a Place

It seems like we talk a lot about preparing this time of the year. Many of you probably spent countless hours in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. When I was growing up Thanksgiving used to last the entire day.  It was a real family day. After dinner we would visit, play cards, nap, get…

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This morning I was thinking about how excited my sons used to be on Christmas Eve. The excitement would increase throughout the day as they anticipated arrival of Santa Claus. If you have had children I am certain you can relate. As we approach the end of Advent we as Christians need to have that…

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Home Alone

My sons and I enjoy watching Christmas movies and last Sunday we watched Home Alone. The movie is about a young boy named Kevin that is accidentally left home while his family flies to Paris. Kevin is reunited with his family and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately for many “Home Alone” during the holidays…

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