So Much

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A couple of years ago I met Lou while I was leading a Bible Study at the local Nursing Home.

Lou is a resident that I always need go to his room and get before class begins. Lou has memory issues and tends to forget about the study or takes a nap and doesn’t wake up on time. When I remind him, he jumps out of his recliner excited to go. 

When I went into the room one Sunday, he was watching the football game with a friend. I reminded him about the study but was told he would have to miss it because he was going to watch the game

When I arrived at the Chapel everyone wanted to know where Lou was.  I explained he had company and we began.  About 15 minutes later the doors swung opened and there stood Lou with Bible in hand.   Lou couldn’t miss the opportunity to worship the Lord and as he sat down, I heard him tell one of the attendees, “I just love the Lord so much.”

May we all love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind or in the words of Lou, may we all “love the Lord so much.”