Seeing Red

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Many years ago, I was asked by my teacher to write a book report on The Scarlet Letter. I never enjoyed reading or writing so I took a shortcut. I purchased cliff notes, read the beginning and the end and skipped everything in between.

When I received the report back it was marked in red. The teacher even went as far as to draw a sad face with tears coming down and “boo-hoo” written next to it. What made matters worse was I was in college at the time. The whole thing had me seeing red.

While in prison, a member of our church had tried to send me some articles from the local newspaper about my son Nick’s football games. The warden informed me they were not allowed. When asked why, I was told because of red tape. Again, I was seeing red.

While in prison I took Biblical correspondence courses. In one of my lessons I received a letter from a 2nd grade Sunday school student. The letter read:

“I hope you know Jesus loves you and I know you are sorry for your sin. You are loved by your family and you are amazing and I hope you know you’re loved very much by God and your family.”

It was great to receive the letter, but it was even better that the letter was written in red.

I began seeing red in a whole new light or better yet, the light of Christ. I opened my Bible and every Word Jesus spoke was in Red. Suddenly, red equaled redemption. Red covered my sins.

This Easter, may we all look past the chocolate bunnies and eggs and be reminded that the body of Christ was broken for us and the blood of Christ has been poured out for us.  This Easter may we all be seeing red.