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Many of us have physical and emotional scars. There is usually a story behind the scars. Sometimes our scars can teach us a lesson.

When I was younger the scar on my forehead taught me to not ride my tricycle too fast in the basement. When I was a little older another scar taught me that I cannot fly like Evil Knievel, but I could crash like him.

Another scar taught me not to climb up on the counter to sneak a brownie after my mom warned me not to. The scar was from the fall, not my mom. The list could go on and on.

My last scar was when I split my head open on a jagged shelf while in the county jail. A constant reminder of how far I had fallen, how many I hurt, how many I scarred.

Now, the scar reminds me of healing. It is a constant reminder Jesus was pierced for our transgression and by His wounds we are healed.  We all have scars but fortunately, God sent His son, the great physician to heal both.

The Lord’s scars led to life may ours lead others to Him.