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JMP Testimonial

When a holiday season begins to draw near, I begin to sense a slight depression. Having no family interaction and living alone, I begin to trouble myself with thoughts, such as, what can I do, or where can I go? This past Labor Day I decided I didn’t want to put forth the effort to plan my going to 8:15am church service. As this was my preferred church hour I would just stay home. Emotionally I didn’t feel like getting ready. After a very early breakfast, I sat down to read the Sunday paper. That did nothing for my mood. There I put my kitchen in order and made the bed and pondered what next. The time was moving on and a long day was ahead of me. Finally, I knew I would suffer worse consequences if I didn’t prepare to attend the 2nd church service I have thanked God every hour since. I received the gift of listening to a sermon given by John Haeffele and his journey into a “type of fiery furnace” due to bad choices. John turned to God for forgiveness; and the spiritual guidance that can only be given from God. This spiritual guidance manifested itself so very strongly that John’s life began to mighty seep into the lives of others who were caught up in the so called ravages of wrong decisions. John continually grew spiritually and has been freed from his incarceration to become a dynamic spiritual leader and mentor for all who call upon him. John recently published his book detailing his entire downfall and how God has strengthened John; has wiped away his forgiveness and God wont give up! After listening to John’s sermon August 31st, 2014, given from the pulpit at the E.P. FUMC, I knew I had to read his published book. This I started reading that same Sunday afternoon and couldn’t put the book down. With just a few pages to go, I decided I could finish the book the next morning, 9-1-14. My heart and soul were so pulled with the love that God poured out in answer to John’s prayers. Johns dedication to use this beautiful spiritual growth to become a disciple by letting God work through John so as to enrich the lives of others. I do so look forward to John’s continued work for the Holy Spirit. I have been mightily blessed this week due to my decision to get out of myself and attend the church I love. Oh, what I would have missed out on. Thank you God.  

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