My Dad is Bigger

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When I was growing up it was not uncommon to hear the words My dad is bigger than your dad. Or, my dad is stronger than your dad. 

One day my teammates and I were washing cars for a fundraiser when a lady in a Volkswagen got her rear tires stuck and could not move. My buddies and I tried to push her out but it wouldn’t budge. My dad moved us out of the way, lifted up the back of the Volkswagen and the lady was on her way. I had bragging rights that day because my dad just proved he was bigger and stronger than all the other dads put together.

But I am not here tonight to brag about my dad I am here to boast about our God. Our God has many different names but one of my favorite ones is Abba. The name Abba gives us an understanding how God relates to His people. The word Abba can be most closely translated as Daddy.

Our dads may have been big and strong but their strength and size pales in comparison to our Heavenly dad. Scripture tells us that, the mountains quake before him and the hills melt away. The earth trembles at his presence, the world and all who live in it.

Our Heavenly dad is bigger than the universe he created and is certainly bigger than any trials that come our way.

I would like to wish a happy father’s day to all the daddy’s out there including my dad who went to be Home and especially to our Heavenly One.