Looking Up

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The solar eclipse was earlier this week so many people spent part of the afternoon looking up at the sun. It was overcast so it became questionable whether people would be able to see the eclipse at all. Maybe that was God’s way of showing us that He is still in control.

I stepped outside, but quickly lost interest in the sun so I thought I would run some errands and see if I could find the Son.

I saw the Son helping an elderly lady out with her groceries and then the Son smiled at me and thanked me as I was checking out. The Son waved to me as I was heading back to my car and as I passed my home church I saw the Son. On Mondays at our church the food pantry is opened and the Son is always there handing out food to the needy.

I may have missed the eclipse but I saw the Son. I would much rather look for the Son instead of the eclipse anyway because it is easier on my eyes and not very hard to find. The next morning when I began to pray I realized prayer is my favorite way to see the Son, when I am on my knees looking up.