Just What I Needed

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I have been blessed to substitute preach many times this summer. But as summer ends the opportunities to speak become few and far between.

Without any speaking engagements and my book not flying off the shelf the devil has taken the opportunity to make me question if I had any ministry at all.

As doubt crept in God swept in and sent me just what I needed. Weeks ago, one of my books was ordered and mailed to an inmate in the county jail. When I tracked the delivery status it appeared the book was undeliverable. I waited for the book to be returned but instead last Friday I received a letter from the young man it was sent to.

He wrote the following, “Thank you for your book. I thought your book was outstanding…once I started it, I did not put it down until I was finished with it. I gave it to the other detainees in the jail, and they enjoyed it as well.”

God capped off the weekend on Sunday evening when I received an invitation to speak in the church I grew up in. Sharing my story is the thing I love most and the Lord giving me the opportunity has always been just what I needed.