I Need Help

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I believe there are three words that God loves to hear from us. “I need help.” When faced with a challenge I have learned that these are three of the most powerful words in the English (and Spiritual) language. When I am feeling a little overwhelmed I cry out to Jesus, “I need help.”

Monday morning (July 2nd) at 11:00 AM I received a phone call from Denise Jackson at WEEK 25 TV. Denise told me she was interested in interviewing me about my new position with Christian Library International.

I told her it sounded great and she asked if we could meet in an hour. I said to God, “I need help.” We decided to have the interview at my home church, but I was unable to reach out Pastor. I said to the Lord, “I need help.”

It was 11:35 I wasn’t sure what I should wear so I said to my son Nick, “I need help.” Nick helped, and I was on my way.

Driving to the church I was feeling rushed and a little overwhelmed so once again I said to the Lord, “I need help.”

The interview went well and when it was over I thanked God for always being there for me whenever I cry out, “I need help.”

in case you missed the interview with Denise Jackson please click the button below:

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