God Has A Plan

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The devil loves to kick us when we are down. When we are tired, sick, hurting I believe that’s when he loves to attack us the most.

A friend of mine was scheduled for surgery to repair some heart issues, unfortunately the day before the surgery the nurse informed him that the surgery would need to be postponed.

Hearing the news, broke his heart and broke his Spirit and he let the nurse know that she had no idea what he was going through. The nurse assured him she did, which upset him even more and he told her, “No, you have no idea!”

Calmly the nurse replied, “Yes I do,” and explained how her cancer has just returned for the 4th time and although she was unsure of what her future held, she was confident that ‘God had a plan.’

 I have found that God brings others into our lives when we need to see Him the most. I once read that God will either spare you from suffering or give you the grace to bare it. God sent my friend grace through the nurse that evening, and I am sure God will send the nurse the grace to spare her from the suffering or the grace to bare it. God has a plan.