The Remnant of Sin

The Bible tells us God will forgive us for our sins. Unfortunately the remnant of those sins may last a lifetime. This has become magnified over the last couple of weeks. Watching those who you love struggle is heartbreaking. My sin has handcuffed my family financially. Unfortunately, I know the helplessness of being handcuffed. Relationships…

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Who’s Your Neighbor?

Before I went to prison I never liked to read and certainly never thought I would write a book. But God has given me the opportunity to do both. From time to time I would like to share some of the stories I have come across. The other night I read a story in one…

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Rest for the weary

While waiting for an appointment I struck up a conversation with one of the ladies in the office. As with most conversations with a stranger the dialogue opened with a discussion on the weather. It was unseasonably cool and felt very refreshing after several hot and humid days. The lady explained to me how she…

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Please and Thank You

The other morning I thought I would stop in at the local donut shop and pick up a large coffee to drop off to my wife Julie at work. The lady ordering before me was still talking on her cell phone when it came time to place her order. With a cheerful tone the young…

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The First Haircut

After 40 months of working on my story it finally came together and was going to be offered to the members of our congregation. I was also going to have the honor of giving the message during the Sunday services. As one can imagine I had a flood of emotions leading up to it. I…

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