Fill Your Tank

With gas under $3 a gallon one can almost afford to fill their gas tank. But, how full is your Spiritual tank? In Joyce Meyer’s book “Knowing God Intimately” she wrote how those filled with the Holy Spirit were effected differently (than those who are not) when trials occurred in their lives. She wrote, “The…

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Halloween is this Friday. It is the one day of the year people love to be scared. People will pay money to walk through a haunted house fearful of what is around the next corner. While I am on the subject of fear, the question I would like you to ponder is do you fear…

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Drop the Weight

This is not a plug for weight watchers. I am referring to the verse in Hebrews 12-1 “let us throw off every weight and sin that hinders us.” In Pastor Tony Evans book ‘Who is this King of Glory’, he explains “one weight is people who are negative or defeatist about everything, people who drag…

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Boys Will Be Boys

This past Sunday I was invited by our Pastor to help serve communion. The Pastor split the loaf and gave half to me to serve the congregation as they kneeled at the rail. As the bread was offered each member took a pinch of bread and a cup of wine. Everything was going as planned…

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The Remnant of Sin

The Bible tells us God will forgive us for our sins. Unfortunately the remnant of those sins may last a lifetime. This has become magnified over the last couple of weeks. Watching those who you love struggle is heartbreaking. My sin has handcuffed my family financially. Unfortunately, I know the helplessness of being handcuffed. Relationships…

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