The Prodigal Son

Last Sunday our Pastor began a three part sermon series on the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). I thought I would follow her lead. As our Pastor starting talking about the love of the father upon the return of the son I could not help but think about my return home after 25 months in prison….

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Turning Bad to Good

Pastor Tony Evans wrote about how God can use bad experiences to prepare us for future service. He wrote, “The tragedy is not the circumstances, but that we often go through them without learning from them or realizing that God can make something good out of them.” Early on in my sentencing I decided the…

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Some things seemed to change on the outside while I was in prison. Facebook became popular. I had no idea of what “Like us on Facebook” meant. I’m still not sure. People cough into their elbows. Still can’t get used to that. Whenever I drive someone is always right on my bumper. That could be…

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The Meaning of Christmas

Sometimes I marvel how God allows me to share in the true meaning of Christmas. A week before Christmas I was delivering gift bags to shut-ins. I stopped at one of the houses but no one was home. I left a message on the answering machine to call when they were available. A few hours…

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Merry Christmas

Last Christmas was my first home after two years of incarceration. I could not believe the joy I felt during the Christmas season. Free from the consequences of my sin, back with my family and back with God, it couldn’t get much better than that. The joy has only increased this year as I continue…

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