One of things I pray for every morning is for the Lord to keep me from sinful backsliding. When we hear the word backslide, we may think about falling back into our old sin filled life. While backsliding certainly includes that, it is not necessarily limited to it. Backsliding is not just falling backward, but it…

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Match Made In Heaven

In 2011 my sin led me to the county jail. God only knows how after a month I was transferred 750 miles away to a high security in Oklahoma City. In Oklahoma City I was introduced to Christian Library International and their Bible studies. After my release in 2013 I was prompted by the Spirit…

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The Soldiers Psalm

I read this several years ago in a Military Devotional and thought today would be a great day to share it with you as we take a moment and think of those who gave their lives for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day. Psalm 91 Almost 100 years ago, during World War I, the 91st Infantry…

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Many Choices

The other day I noticed a sign in front of a church that read, “Life has many choices. Eternity only 2.” Eternity is simple. Know Jesus or no Jesus. Heaven or Hell. Last month my sister Sue took a hard fall coming out of her church. Sue is going to be okay, but it could…

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My mom has many wonderful qualities but for me, her greatest attribute is her faith. When I was a little boy my mom always picked me up when I fell, held me until I was okay and bandaged my wounds, so I could go back outside and play. Seven years ago, when I fell from…

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