The other day I was doing some research and discovered the following: -The divorce rate is 40-50%. -The average length of a marriage is 8 years. -The divorce rate when a spouse becomes incarcerated is 80%. Based on this information it seems impossible that today my wife Julie and I will be celebrating our 29th…

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All My Hope

Christian artist David Crowder has a hit song called “All My Hope.” The other day my friend Howard was putting an exhaust fan in the bathroom and decided to whistle that tune for the five hours we were working. I like the song but not that much. The next day when I turned on the…

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My Way

Frank Sinatra sang a song called “My Way.” I can relate to that song because for most of my life I did it “My Way.” Regrets, I have a few (more than a few), but the biggest regret I have is that I didn’t do it God’s Way sooner. I try not to look back…

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Pastor Bill Hybels wrote a book called, “Too busy not to pray.” This Easter take a moment to press pause and spend some quiet time in prayer. On Thursday evenings beginning April 12th I hope you press pause again and spend 30 minutes with God. I will be leading a contemporary, non-denominational Christ centered service….

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Able to Sit Up

When asked how my dad was doing, one of his favorite replies was, “Able to sit up and take nourishment.” I used my dad’s reply the other day which led me to spend most of the night thinking about him. My dad was a good Christian man strong in his faith. In the words of…

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