Strong in the Spirit

Several years ago during my morning prayer I began praying for my family to be physically, spiritually and emotionally strong. One morning I realized I was praying out of order. I needed to pray for their spiritual physical and emotional strength. I believe as Christians if we are Spiritually strong our Spirit will keep us…

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If the Bible is a fairytale, why is it banned in 52 countries? No one goes to prison for reading Cinderella or Snow White. If it really was made up, then it’s supposed to have no power. So why ban it? It absolutely makes no sense. It’s banned because it’s the most powerful, freeing and…

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Last week I was picking some weeds and a couple days later I noticed a rash on my arm. I figured it would go away, I was wrong. I postponed seeing the doctor and it quickly spread. Another couple of days I was covered with poison ivy. The doctor prescribed two-weeks of steroids as the…

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Once upon a time there was a man whose sin left him between a rock and a hard place. He had heard the word but did not put them into practice. He found himself swimming in sin, drowning in it and finally hitting rock bottom. This was not the end because the Lord was with…

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New Heart

Shedding tears is a great way to grow spiritually. A few months ago, I was at Peoria County Jail and one of the inmates told us how he couldn’t control his tears. That happens when God gets hold of you. God promises to take away our heart of stone and give us a heart of…

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