Thank God

Monday morning I woke up out of sorts. For some reason during the night I drifted out of the Spirit and into the flesh. I couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was because on Sunday the check engine light came in my car. A check engine light is never a good thing and I was…

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Fear God

Halloween is this Thursday, so we will be hearing a lot about trick or treat and ghosts and goblins. Growing up I had a fear of vampires, I would have been better off if I feared God. The Old Testament mentioned several times how we are called to fear God.  For years I have struggled…

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So Much

A couple of years ago I met Lou while I was leading a Bible Study at the local Nursing Home. Lou is a resident that I always need go to his room and get before class begins. Lou has memory issues and tends to forget about the study or takes a nap and doesn’t wake…

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Agape Love

While in Oklahoma Federal Prison I became friends with Shorty. Shorty was far from accepting Christ when we started, but as we got to know each other a little better I could see him drawing closer. I was getting ready to go to the Thursday night Chapel service when I asked Shorty if he wanted…

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God Provides

Last Tuesday the 24th I had the opportunity to speak to the men at Cook County Department corrections. Along with the opportunity came the request for 200 copies of “Therefore I Have Hope.” When asked, my immediate reply was, “God will provide.” A week prior I was talking to God during my morning prayer time…

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