Throwing Stones

At times life can seem overwhelming. When that happen just start throwing Stones. A couple of months ago in my daily devotional I read a story about a man on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land who had the opportunity to walk along with their guide, a Bedouind nomad. The man asked the guide if…

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I Need Help

I believe there are three words that God loves to hear from us. “I need help.” When faced with a challenge I have learned that these are three of the most powerful words in the English (and Spiritual) language. When I am feeling a little overwhelmed I cry out to Jesus, “I need help.” Monday…

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True Freedom

If you want to see true freedom I would recommend going to prison. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to visit the men and women in the Peoria county jail and those I saw were free indeed. They were freed from the bondage of their sins when they decided to give their lives to Christ….

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My Chains Are Gone

I have moved on to my new job as the “Midwest Church Partnership and Development Coordinator” for Christian Library International and have left behind the night cleaning I had since my release from prison. Last weekend I was cleaning our basement and found an old 8-foot chain. I was going to take it out to…

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Still Good To See Him

My son Nick found an old picture of my dad the other day. it was so good to see him again. For Father’s Day I thought I would repost a blog about my dad I wrote a couple of years ago. A couple of weeks ago my son Jon uncovered a treasure while he was…

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