Sunday Best

I woke up this morning dressed in my “Sunday Best” ready for Easter. As Christian’s we never take off our “Sunday Best” because, “when we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, we become clothed with Christ.” Clothed in Christ makes the man or woman. Clothed in Christ is better than our “Sunday Best,” because it…

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Keep the Faith

Ten years ago, when my world was crashing down, I read this in a daily devotional. I think it applies today. “We find ourselves in impossible situations. We see no way out and feel trapped, hemmed in, and paralyzed. The walls begin to close in, and darkness pervades because we allow our human fears to…

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Comfort Food

A few weeks ago, my family and I went out to our favorite restaurant for fried chicken and pasta. Fried chicken and pasta are our comfort food. The Word of God is comfort food, good for the soul. Now more than ever we need to eat it up. The definition of Comfort food is a…

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The sunshine from last Sunday was followed up with a gloomy Monday and Tuesday. I asked a gentleman how he was doing, and his reply was, “waiting for the sun to shine.” “He is” I answered. With the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus the gloom only increased. Maybe the news of the virus has you…

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Early in the week I received a text that the County Jail was in lockdown due to the coronavirus. The cancellation of activities and the possibility of being quarantined may give you the feeling you are in lockdown. Since I’ve been through numerous lockdowns, I would like to share some of my expertise to help…

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