Sticks and Stones

The old saying is; “sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never can hurt me.” I am not so sure about that. Over the years I have had words hurt me a lot more than any of the bones I ever broke. Bones heal words may never, so we need to be…

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Stay in the Battle

Last fall I had the opportunity to spend time with former inmate Bill Corum author of the book The Ultimate Pardon. After dinner Bill and I talked, he gave me a copy of one of his books and inside, he wrote the following, “So good to meet you and know we are in the same…

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Looking Back at 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to Praise God for the opportunities he has given me to share our story over the past year. In 2017 I was invited to speak at over 20 events, asked to become Chairman of the Board of Christian Library International and participate in their Advance the Light dinner…

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Hope Filled New Year

The scripture reading today in my daily devotional was Lamentations 3 written by the prophet Jeremiah. Lamentations has been called the “book of tears.” Jeremiah wept because his people had rejected their God, the God who made them, loved them, and sought repeatedly to bless them. Sometimes we may be like Jeremiah and begin to…

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This morning I was thinking about how excited my sons used to be on Christmas Eve. The excitement would increase throughout the day as they anticipated arrival of Santa Claus. If you have had children I am certain you can relate. As we approach the end of Advent we as Christians need to have that…

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