Rock n Roller Coaster

When my sons were younger, we use to go to Disney World and one of their favorite rides was the Rock N Roller Coaster. R&R would move from Zero to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds. Not only is it fast but there are twists and turns and ups and downs. Sounds a lot like life….

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From the Pits to the Palace

Eight years ago, Wade Jackson and I as inmates led Bible Study at the Tazewell County Jail. On July 21st we will lead worship at East Peoria First United Methodist Church. Both of us turned away from our sin and turned to God. God took us out of the pits and into His palace. Eight…

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Open Invitation

On Friday we held our monthly worship service at the local Nursing Home. One of my favorite parts is serving communion. Today when I finished there was one communion cup left over. As I was getting ready to leave a gentleman came in and when he saw the left over communion cup he smiled and…

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A Mothers Love

My mom has many wonderful qualities but her greatest attribute is her faith. When I was a little boy my mom always picked me up when I fell, held me until I was okay, and bandaged my wounds so I could go back outside and play. Eight years ago, when I fell from grace once…

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Broken for You

A few years ago, I was helping serve communion when a pair of brothers decided to make it into a contest. The first reached into the middle and pulled out a piece of bread the size of a golf ball. Not to be outdone, his brother pulled out a piece the size of a baseball….

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