Looking Ahead

The Apostle Paul tells us to forget what is behind and strain towards what is ahead. As we close out 2018 we need to forget about the years past failures and press on to 2019. For some of us we need to let go of not only 2018 but 2017,2016, 2015 the 90s 80s etc….

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Christmas Shoes

The Bible assure us that when we seek Jesus with all our hearts we will find Him. I have been blessed to see Jesus in the literal sense and in those who He created. I would like to share with you an excerpt from my Spirit led book “Therefore I Have Hope” about one of…

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The Perfect Gift

When I was a youngster, the Christmas catalog would arrive in the mail and I would spend hours looking for the perfect gift. One year I asked Santa for a James Bond Car it was the perfect gift until the wheels fell off. The following year was a Thing Maker. When you poured plasti-goop in…

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Preparing a Place

It seems like we talk a lot about preparing this time of the year. Many of you probably spent countless hours in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. When I was growing up Thanksgiving used to last the entire day.  It was a real family day. After dinner we would visit, play cards, nap, get…

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What a Great Day

Whenever I leave church, I always say to myself, “What a great day in the house of the Lord.” I uttered those same words last Sunday after the services at the Peoria County Jail. It was such a great day I couldn’t help myself. On the way home, I began pondering about what a church…

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