Thank You

For the past three years, I have had the honor of attending and being a part of five Advance the Light Dinners, which is put on by Christian Library International (CLI). One of the highlights of the evening is when the attendees are asked to write an encouraging note to the inmates that are participating…

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Free To Go

Two years ago, a young lady from Atlanta, Georgia called and asked if I could be the keynote speaker at Christian Library International’s Advance the Light Dinner in Atlanta. I must admit at first, I thought it was a hoax but when I realized it wasn’t I quickly accepted the invitation. There was one hitch…

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God is Faithful

Every morning during prayer time I pray for our cars. Like me, they are getting up there in age and miles and need all the help they can get. I pray they keep running but if they don’t, I pray God provides us a way to fix them or a way to purchase a new…

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A Blast From The Past

Earlier this week, I was having a spiritually difficult morning that is, until my phone rang. It was a Texas number, so I thought it was a solicitor but decided to answer it anyway. The voice on the other end was one of my favorite teachers: Mrs. G. Not only was she my kindergarten teacher,…

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How to Get Into Heaven

When asked if he knew where he was going when he died, a young man told me he was going to Heaven. When asked why, his reply was like many others, “Because I am a good person.” Good does not open the gates of Heaven the good shepherd does. The good shepherd of course is…

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