My Best Advice

Last weekend I had the privilege of officiating a friend of mine’s daughter’s wedding. I closed my message by giving them some advice I wish I would have followed years ago. 1)Keep God first. Follow the first commandment, to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul mind, and strength. 2)Keep your family,…

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Look Up

Towards the end of my sentence I was reading Billy Graham’s book, “The Secret of Happiness.” He told the story of a friend who lost his job, a fortune, his wife, and his home. But he tenaciously held to his faith, the only thing he had left. One day he stopped to watch some men…

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at Camp Emmanuel in Astoria Illinois. During WW2 Camp Emmanuel was known as Camp Ellis and housed Prisoners of War. Now the camp is owned by a group of Churches and is used for Christian retreats throughout the year. God has a way of turning prisons into…

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My First Love

This week I was asked to consider officiating a friend’s daughter’s wedding. As I pondered the offer I found myself thinking about my first love. I met my first love in third grade. Unfortunately, as I grew older we grew apart. It was all my fault. I changed but my first love remained the same….

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The Weight of the World

Have you ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders? May I assure you that the weight of the Word is greater than the weight of the world. Recently, Christian Library International received a gift of 50,000 Bibles. That’s a lot of weight. As Midwest Development Coordinator, I was explaining to…

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