What God Did

Last month I had the chance to share my message about Spiritual warfare. While I was preparing the message, it seemed like the devil and those working for him were out in full force. I began falling for some of the tricks the father of lies was telling me so I thought I would start…

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Put Me In Coach

When I coached football, we had a player named J.D. that would stand by me the whole game and say,” Put me in Coach, I’m ready”. The problem was, that J.D. was not ready. He missed practice most of the time so he wasn’t prepared to play and when I sent him he could never…

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Win-Win Situation

I recently met with a believer that is facing a struggle between life and death. Let me clarify, this is a physical struggle because years ago, she accepted Christ, became dead to sin and born into new life. As she waits to see if she is a candidate for surgery she explained how if all…

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Happy Dependence Day

On the 4th of July, we celebrate our Independence, but today take a moment and celebrate your dependence day. Dependence day is the day when you quit holding on to the things you have no control over and give them to God. Struggling with someone? Give them to God. Struggling with something? Give it to…

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Grace is Greater

Earlier this week August decided to come early here in Central Illinois. It was 90 degrees outside but felt like 120 degrees inside where I was working at my cleaning job. I was physically and spiritually beat, and decided it would be a good idea to let God know how I felt. As I was…

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