The Perfect Gift

When I was a youngster, the Christmas catalog would arrive in the mail and I would spend hours looking for the perfect gift. One year I asked Santa for a James Bond Car it was the perfect gift until the wheels fell off. The following year was a Thing Maker. When you poured plasti-goop in…

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Preparing a Place

It seems like we talk a lot about preparing this time of the year. Many of you probably spent countless hours in the kitchen preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. When I was growing up Thanksgiving used to last the entire day.  It was a real family day. After dinner we would visit, play cards, nap, get…

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What a Great Day

Whenever I leave church, I always say to myself, “What a great day in the house of the Lord.” I uttered those same words last Sunday after the services at the Peoria County Jail. It was such a great day I couldn’t help myself. On the way home, I began pondering about what a church…

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Give Thanks

Local Christian radio station WCIC was asking listeners what they were they most thankful for. My first thought was I am most thankful that God is the God of Second chances. I give thanks for everything because without God I would have nothing. Everything that has been given to me is a gift from God,…

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Daily Challenge

One of the computer games I play is Solitaire. Solitaire offers a Daily Challenge. Every morning I try to beat the Challenge but, most of the times it’s not very challenging. Sometimes I wish life was as easy. Each day has its own challenges. Some mornings just getting out of bed is challenging enough. I…

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