A Good Prayer

During a time of fasting the Lord put a prayer on my heart I would like to share with you. A good prayer from a great God. Lord, give me the opportunity to do the greatest good for your Kingdom, the great good for my family, and the greatest good using the gifts and talents…

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Jon 3:16

During this session of spiritual warfare, the battles have left me a little in the dark. As always, God sends someone to help me see the light. My son Jon’s wedding was March 16th but it took a friend to make the connection between my son and the date (Jon 3:16). This connection reminded me…

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Jesus Wept

The other day I was reading in the Gospel of John (11:1-43) the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Two for the most comforting words in the Bible are found in this story, “Jesus Wept.” Jesus had heard that Lazarus was sick but assured the disciples his sickness would not end in death…

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Cling to What is Good

Turn on the TV, the radio, or pickup a newspaper and it seems like evil is running rampant. Social media is filled with anger, rage, and malice all sins of the flesh. The world is a fallen place and sometimes it seems like it is falling faster every day. The Apostle Paul tells us in…

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My best Friend

Over the last couple of months, I have been remodeling the basement. I had remodeled the basement at our last home but carrying the weight of my sin made the task much more difficult and a lot less enjoyable. Now that I am led by the Holy Spirit it seems everything, even remodeling has become…

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