Broken for You

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A few years ago, I was helping serve communion when a pair of brothers decided to make it into a contest. The first reached into the middle and pulled out a piece of bread the size of a golf ball. Not to be outdone, his brother pulled out a piece the size of a baseball.

They seemed happy to get rid of the evidence as they were invited to eat the bread and drink the wine.  

We need to come to the table with the same enthusiasm as the young boys. Not because of the bread, but because it represents the body of Christ broken for us, blood of Christ poured out for us.

For a while I think I had a case of Spiritual amnesia and forgot the importance of communion.

God was kind enough to show me the way. A couple of years ago when I was a substitute preacher for a month, I met a lady that was wheel chair bound but managed to make it to church every Sunday.

My last Sunday it was pouring rain and I thought there would be no way she would be in attendance. I was wrong.

We began the service and she rolled in dripping wet and a big smile on her face. It was communion Sunday there was no way she was going to miss it. As I fed her the bread and wine and told her, “Body of Christ broken for you, blood of Christ poured out for you.” Her reply was, “Thank you Jesus.”

This lady serves as a reminder of the important of communion and that His body was broken for us, His blood poured out for us.